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Thread: Fred ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

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    Default Fred ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

    From Barn Dog to International Super Star…Ok. Exaggerating!

    Hi my name is Fred and I’m a super handsome 6-year old English Bulldog. I was rescued with 25 of my other friends from a puppy mill a few months ago and man, I am glad to be out of there. I had it better than most of the other bullies there though. The mill had made me their “mascot” and I was allowed to walk around the barn as a free man – no cage for me. Unlike my counterparts who spent 24/7 in their cages. Not sure how I got that gig, but I didn’t complain about it. In fact now, I absolutely hate cages! If you are home and need to put me in for a few hours to do stuff I’m okay with that, but don’t leave me alone in one – I will bust my way out! Literally. Bust. The Door. Down! I’ve also tried to claw my way out of the bathroom when I was left in there by myself. I’m just a free spirit! Good thing that I’m a good boy and never chew on stuff that I’m not supposed to. And I rarely have accidents in the house. My motto is “Roam free Fred. Roam free!”

    I love, love, love walks outside and meeting new people and other dogs. I would walk forever except my foster Mom says that in the summer it’s too hot. She also says something about being “late for work” so we can only go a little ways in the morning. I am really nice to every dog that I meet on the sidewalk but I can be a “close talker” so my foster Mom tries to make me hold back for a second so that I don’t scare the other dog. Especially the little Yorkies in the neighborhood. I always want to give them kisses.

    My favorite thing to do in the house is lay on the couch at one end while my foster Mom lays on the other end. Sometimes I will put my head on her feet or legs. She calls that “laying in the boat”. My first day at my foster home while my foster Mom was at work I broke out my crate, jumped the baby gate and was laying nicely on the couch when she came home. She sure was surprised! When you’ve lived your whole life in a barn – you deserve some comfort right? My forever home should probably be okay with me being on the furniture because I’m pretty set in my ways about getting up there and I’m a good jumper to boot. That said, my foster Mom has a baby gate to her bedroom to keep out my foster siblings and I’ve never jumped it once or tried to get on her bed. Just the couch.

    I also have some special talents – I can open unlocked doors with my paw and face and I can play fetch like nobody’s business. My foster Mom hasn’t seen it but I stayed with another volunteer for a weekend and she said that I can catch Frisbees in my mouth! I am pretty gentle with all people including older kids. But my foster mom said not to forget to tell you that I shouldn’t be in a house with cats! Why not? I think chasing them and trying to get them is fun. Apparently the humans are not as amused by these antics!

    I love to eat and can be a bit of a begger but I will stop if you stay no. I take treats very nicely and my foster Mom has been trying to teach me “Sit.”

    I’m a sweet, strong, good boy. I am used to being the King of the Barn so I can be a bit stubborn. I also don’t like it when my foster siblings fight. If they get in a skirmish I try to get in the middle of it. I am typically defending the lady’s honor…I don’t like when she gets picked on.

    I am looking for a home that will take me on lots of walks, give me exposure to lots of people because I am so social, and most of all, love me up and let me sleep on the couch! Is that you?



    I've Been Adopted!

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Chicago English Bulldog Rescue
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