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Thread: Harper ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

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    Default Harper ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL


    Curvy, Voluptuous and Movie Star Material!

    Check me out! My name is Harper and I am a voluptuous 4 year old bully girl who was a prior puppy mill momma and one of CEBR’s Project Mercy rescues. CEBR was able to get me (and 25 other dogs) out of a puppy mill and into their care where we are all learning what it is like to live in a home for the first time. That mill was a horrendous place. I lived in an old trailer like building, in a wire cage, day in and day out…every day, 365 days per year.

    But that life is long behind me. Today you will find me spending my days shakin’ my booty & livin’ the good life! I am settling into my foster home just fine and learning so many new things…for instance, I am finding out that there is an appropriate to potty outside…who knew??! I promise to work on this now that it has been brought to my attention. Will you help me?

    I really love it when you rumple my face up. I’ve never experienced that before and any snuggle or affection is my favorite! I love toys and shake them vigorously when you try to take them! Sounds like fun right!?

    I’m mostly a slow walker but that’s probably because I’m a chunky muffin. I do move a little faster when I get excited & I enjoy car rides too. I love long walks on the beach and watching the sunset. Ha Ha, just kidding! Short walks and snuggling on the sofa are more my speed! I can’t do stairs just yet so we’re working on that. I also need some help learning to walk on a leash. I really just prefer to wander around freely so it’s a good thing I don’t move to fast!

    I’m still getting used to my cleaning routine. Oh that darn cleaning routine! How about play time instead? I’m just a little finicky but that’s because there are still so many other things I need to be discovering! I’m very friendly with humans but sometimes I get a little grumpy with other dogs. I am still deciding if I am going to tolerate them or not so I’ll let ya know but for now I guess I’d like a home where I can be the only dog. I am also a bit timid but if you come down to my level I’ll definitely plant a big ‘ol kiss on ya! Sometimes I whimper in my crate when I want to see you, but trust me it’s really sweet.

    In terms of my health I’m in pretty good shape considering my past. I am microchipped & up to date on vaccines. My perfect home would be one where someone can shower me with affection. That shouldn’t be a problem though because once you meet me you’re going to want to! I would also prefer that there are not a lot of stairs. I’m kinda short and just learning how to walk well out of a crate – those stairs are just too much!

    Well I’ve got so many new things to check out I better get busy. Hope to meet you soon. I just know you won’t be able to resist my chunkalicious physique!

    Love and smooches,


    Harper’s adoption fee is $595. Our adoption criteria for Harper are as follows:

    --CEBR Adoption Radius Only
    --A home with no other dogs would be great. She fosters with other dogs but we would prefer she had her own space and time to be socialized properly.
    --A home with minimal stairs as she isn’t very good going up and down.
    --A patient adopter that will help with her potty training.

    I've Been Adopted!

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Chicago English Bulldog Rescue
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    Default Re: Harper ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

    Harper is currently pending adoption

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