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Thread: Rhoda ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

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    Default Rhoda ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL


    Unique and Perfect and Precious To Boot!
    My name is Rhoda and I am the happiest little bug of a bulldog in town, despite the fact that all of the years of my life have been pretty miserable so far. I was recently rescued from a puppy mill where I spent my entire life in a breeding kennel, in an old trailer like building, in a wire cage, day in and day out…every day, 365 days per year. No attention. No chance to walk or stretch. No chance to feel the grass in my paws. I knew that wasn’t the life I was destined for and wished and prayed that things would change. And you know what? They did. I got lucky and rescuers were able to get me (and 25 other dogs) out of there!

    My papers say that I am an AKC registered 6 year old bully (I just turned 6 on May 10th), but my foster mom says she thinks I am really more like 3 years old. I have boundless energy and love to match it! And I am special. But brace yourself because there is a sad story that explains why. At some point in my past the breeders caged me with other dogs. I was attacked and injured. I don’t remember the details, but I have the lifetime scar to prove it. I lost half of my upper lip in this incident and some of my teeth. When CEBR took me in my teeth were still broken off in my mouth. It hurt me for years. But the vet pulled 2 of them and the pain is gone and I feel so much better. I’m eating easily and my little bottom snaggle tooth peeks out all of the time because of this injury. It doesn’t slow me down and makes me extra special and perfect.

    I am a pretty darn healthy girl all told. I am up to date on my vaccines, microchipped and finally spayed (yay, no more puppies for me). I had a dental to clean my teeth and blood tests show that I am in good health. Occasionally I will limp a bit on my back right leg as I have a common bulldog condition known as a luxating patella. But when it acts up just rest it a bit. I will a-okay!

    I’m learning how to be a family member now. I mastered the stairs with no problem. I sit beautifully in a bathtub. I can even walk on leash now (although I often stop to sniff the grass and flowers as this is all new to me). I am working on my potty training and typically do my #2’s outside. I will pee outside too but I also like to pee on anything soft in the house, rugs, beds, towels. I will be a work in progress I guess. But that’s just a minor thing compared to all of the love I have to give!

    Let’s talk about other dogs and cats. While I am in a foster home with other dogs right now, I don’t have access to them. Given the brutal attack in my past I am weary of other dogs. I will send out strange social signals (so my foster mom says) that make other dogs nervous. While I’m on leash, I am ok if given a bit of distance. It will take time for me to trust other dogs and I ask that this be a slow progression. Given that I would like to go to a home with no other dogs so I can settle in and be me. Perfect me! Let me first get comfortable with the humans in my life and then work with me on leash with other pets.

    Ok. More about how precious I am! I am an attention HOG! I want to come up and put my head in our lap. If I can be touching you every second of the day I would. If you sit on the floor I will crawl onto your lap and try to get closer and closer until we are in a firm hug. And you can keep hugging as long as you want. I won’t squirm or wiggle away. I love it.

    My personality is like that of a puppy too. When I am bored I liked to find things to get into. Toilet paper rolls, bags on the floor, I pick up shoes and take them to my crate. Fun stuff like that! And while we’re on the topic, I want you to know that I really want my new home to have a crate for me. Even though I was locked away in a crate for many years, like most puppy mill dogs, having this safe space to call my own is important, even if the door is open. I will often lay right next to it. But it’s my home base for now. My foster mom will put me in my “puppy house” when she has to leave and makes sure I have water, toys and bones (which I am realizing are so awesome to chew one). I am content in there until she returns home.

    If you think I am the perfect bully for you, you must meet me. There will be no doubts from the second my soft chin rests in your lap.

    All of my love,


    I've Been Adopted!

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Chicago English Bulldog Rescue
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