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Thread: Louie ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

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    Default Louie ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

    Elderly Gent Looking for Lasting Love Hi! My name is Louie and I’m an 8-year-old English Bulldog with a heart of gold. My foster Mom tells me I am extremely good looking, and have big brown eyes that will melt your heart. My family gave me up because they couldn't manage my allergies. They didn't really know what I was allergic too - been that way since I was about 3 years old- but my foster mom feeds me a grain-free diet of sweet potato and fish and that seems to have done the trick because I only scratch once or twice a day. She also gives me Benadryl two or three times a day just to make sure I am comfortable at all times while they fiqure out what is going on with me. I am neutered and up-to-date on all of my shots. I am also micro-chipped so that I will never get lost. Not that you would ever want to let me out of your sight! I am polite as any pup can be. I sit and take treats like a total gentleman. I walk very nicely on a leash but don't try to take me too far because I have a little hitch in my step and don't like to walk too much. I can do stairs - about 5 or 6 at a time. My favorite activity it sleeping. I like to snuggle into my bed with my favorite toy elephant and am happy there for hours. I go to work with my foster mom and enjoy meeting new people and dogs. I am very friendly to every person and dog I meet. Even kids! I grew up with a few kids so I am used to them and enjoy their attention. I'm not one for playing but every now and again I will chase a ball when I my foster mom throws it but don't wait for me to bring it back to you cause I'm just not interested!I am very patient when my foster mom cleans my face wrinkles, ears and tail pocket. She also applies medication to my ears to fight off infections which I am prone too, and she soothes my sore spots with an herbal salve.My perfect forever home? I would like to live with a family that is home a lot and can help keep my allergies in check. I like to be around people and snuggle up to you when the mood strikes! I don’t mind being alone while you go to work but if you are going to be gone for more than 8 hours I would need someone to come over midday and take me so that I can use the bathroom. I’m an old man and I have accidents in sometimes. I can’t hold my bladder for more than 4 or 5 hours at a time.I don’t need a lot of space to roam or run around because I’m older and like to spend a lot of time sacked out in my bed. I could live in the suburbs or the city. I don't bark or cry; that's what babies do and I'm so much more mature! Well, time for another nap! Hope to meet you soon! LoveLouis

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    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Chicago English Bulldog Rescue
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