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Thread: Paddy ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

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    Default Paddy ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Chicago, IL

    Hi everyone it’s me Paddy the puppy! I know there has been so much excitement about me coming into rescue because it isn’t everyday an eight week old exceptionally handsome bulldog puppy comes into rescue, but I sure did! Besides being exceptionally handsome I’m extra special too.

    I came into CEBR’s care because of my special qualities. It was discovered when I was just a few weeks old that unlike my other litter mates I have no control over my bowels or bladder. Because of this I was surrendered to CEBR’s care so they could find out what exactly is the cause of this and then to find the perfect forever home for me!

    Because of my incontinence I will need some special care. First off I want everyone to know I wear diapers. I’m learning it really isn’t so bad and I have stopped trying to take them off! One of my foster sisters wears them and she told me it makes me cool... I think I believe her! Because of my urinary incontinence besides diapers I need to have my bladder expressed at least three times a day. Since I can’t empty my bladder myself I am prone to bladder infections if this doesn’t happen. Don’t worry if you don’t know how foster mom is a pro and she’ll show you the ropes! I also need to follow a special raw food diet. Not to be gross talking about poop but if I don’t eat this I get very messy and my bum really hurts! No kibble for me!

    Besides my diapers and diet I act just like any other bulldog puppy! Right now I can run, jump, and play with no problems at all! I love to chase the other dogs around in my foster home, and play with the humans too. I’m just a silly lovable puppy who needs someone who will take extra good care of me and isn’t afraid of me being a little bit different.

    My perfect forever home will be someone who is familiar with bulldogs and special
    needs. My forever family needs to be willing to continue my raw diet and know I will always be in diapers. Above all I need someone who will love me, cuddle me, and take care of me no matter what the future may bring.

    Our adoption criteria for Paddy are as follows:
    CEBR Adoption Radius Only. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    A previous CEBR adopter who is familiar with bulldogs and special needs.
    Must be willing to continue raw food diet.
    Must be willing and able to provide specialized care for an incontinent bulldog.

    Please go to this page at Chicago English Bulldog Rescue Website:

    To find out more about their adoption process.

    Please tell them you found them on English Bulldog News

    Thank you

    To view more English Bulldogs from Chicago English Bulldog Rescue, click the link below.

    ILLINOIS- Chicago English Bulldog Rescue
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