Ey, my name is Gotti, fogettabout it. I may be named after a ruthless crime boss, but I am a loveable as they come. I am a 4 year old English Bulldog and I weigh in at 56 lbs. I am neutered, up to date on all of my shots and vaccines, heartworm free, and come to your home with a microchip transfer. I might as well have been in the mob, because life for me was pretty rough before I came to CEBR. I lived with a family who didnít care for me at all and only took me to the vet once in the last 4 years. After they were told they couldnít have dogs in their apartment, they dropped me off at animal control and left me there. One of their friends tried to bail me out but couldnít take care of me, so I wound up with CEBR. I am so happy! They got me checked out and thank goodness there was nothing seriously wrong. I was filthy dirty, had a really bad skin condition, and all kinds of cysts and sores on my feet. I also came in with a nasty ear infection. CEBR gave me a bath and got me all fixed up, and now I feel like a whole new puppy! My foster family says my face looks a little dopey, but I am not offended because they explained that they mean that in the cutest possible way. I like to make it really obvious that I need attention. I will snuggle right up next to you and then flip over on my back for belly rub bonanza. Iím serious, all you can handle! I have really enjoyed playing tug of war and chase with my bully foster brother Frankie, I mean how can you not like EVERYONE! Since my feet are feeling better, I have really been moving a lot. My foster dad laughs at my double front leg pounce. That when Iím running, and I bounce back and forth with both of my front legsÖwell, its hard to describe so you will just have to see for yourself! As far as behavior goes, I would say Iím perfect! My foster parents might dispute that a little though. They tell me I am a sloppy drinker. I canít help it, I mean youíre supposed to dunk your whole face in the water bowl, right? They might also say that I am a bit of a beggar, but hey, I wasnít really fed much in my last home so I tend to get excited. Other than that I am good with humans and other dogs. As for cats, my foster parents have heard I am good with them but I havenít gotten the chance to show them. I am a pretty laid back guy though! My dream home isnít asking much. You can live in the city or the suburbs, be single or have a family, or have other pets or donít. All I am asking for is a lot of TLC. I need to have my feet rinsed daily and have my ears and sores treated daily too. I would prefer to be in a laid back household as I donít really like to walk all that much. But, if you are willing to love me I will have no problem loving you back! Well, I have to go now, my foster dad is serving up dinner and belly rubs, YYYYAAAAYYYYY! My favorite line is fogettabout it, but donít forget about me! This is Gotti, signing off!

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