Hiya fans, friends and bully fanatics alike, It's me Spicy, but really I'm just sweet! I'm a 35lb four-year-old puppy mill girl and part of Project Mistletoe. It's been less than a week since the great people at CEBR saved me, but I've already been given a lifetime of love. I've lived a rough life; I was forced to live my life in a cage constantly pregnant, with no love or attention. I came to CEBR in bad shape - I had a wicked case of fleas, a huge hernia and a hematoma on my left ear. Out with the old and in with the new! I'm trying to forget the past and focus on my future. That's where you come in! I'll be working on getting better, but pretty soon I'll be up for adoption. I'm a spunky, sweet, cuddly girl with so much love to give. I roll over as soon as I see a human - I wouldn't want to miss a belly rub. Also, I have the biggest and best nose wrinkle you've ever seen. My foster dad jokes that he lost his car keys in it. Not cool! Have you seen his nose? One more thing, my foster mom tells me my makeover is going to be quite costly. Can you help a sister out and donate to CEBR on www.ebullymatch.com? You won't regret it! Seasons Greetings, Spicy (Holiday Spice)

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