Hi there! Remember me, the big cutie? Tiny Tim! I知 back to tell you more about myself.

I知 a very goofy guy. I came from a puppy mill as part of CEBR痴 Project Mistletoe. I was intended to be used for breeding, but the fact that I only had one testicle quite literally saved my life! I知 two years old and now that I知 safe in CEBR痴 hands, I致e been neutered and have a microchip. I am a big, 61 pound, dumpling of love! I love to snuggle and be pet. Sometimes I will relax by myself but generally I want to be right next to someone to share my lovin!

Coming from a puppy mill, I never had the chance to learn a lot of doggy basics. Since being in my foster home, I have conquered going up and down stairs. I have little hesitation going up them, but going down them still worries me. Though if you coax me, I will come get you! I know what my name is and I know to 田ome, but I could use help to learn other basic commands like 都it and 都tay. CEBR has a bully academy that could be very useful to me! One of the biggest training items we are working on is potty training. I know when we go outside that I need to go, and I will try, but sometimes when I知 inside, I forget that I知 supposed to only go outside! It痴 funny because I never have had an accident in my crate. Silly me, I can be forgetful when I知 playing in the house I suppose! With more training and patience, I promise I will learn. I just need more time.

My foster brother and I like to play together, but since we池e both somewhat lazy, so usually I値l tire out after a while. I love spending time on the couch with my foster bro and parents. I致e learned how to climb up there all by myself, something I知 quite proud of! Another of my specialties is kisses. I will kiss you until the cows come home if you pet me.

I would do well in a house with minimal stairs (or extra patience) as I知 still trying to master going up and down. I get really excited when I meet new dogs, so my ideal house would have friends for me to play with, or at least some neighbor dogs that I could make friends with. Most of all, I just want someone who shower with attention and love! I cannot wait to snuggle up in my forever home!

Will you be it?!

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