Hello, my name is Daphne Sunshine and I am an 8 year old sweet and gentle bulldog. I have had a pretty hard life so far which you can see in my eyes and in my spirit, but I am been promised by Chicago English Bulldog Rescue that better days are coming.

I was found in the middle of the road in Indiana by an angel. She stopped her car and swooped me up just before another car was going to hit me. I was so scared that I could not move a muscle even though I knew I had to get out of the street. I was dumped. I had babies for most of my life, lots and lots of babies and I guess they decided I could not have any more babies and they didnít want me anymore. So they left me on the side of the road. Sigh.

I still love people and just want a home and a family to take care of me forever. I have some health challenges that my foster family and I are working on. First thing that I have beaten is heartworm, yes, I am heartworm negative now! Now, we are working on my skin issues and eyes. And they are going to spay me so that I never have to have puppies again. I am going to need a very high quality diet and regular supplements to get my skin and hair back into shape. I am also going to need to get eye drops for the rest of my life, but I tell you, they feel really good in my eyes so I am happy to get them.

Did I say I love people? I really do, I want you to pet me and love me and am very happy to sit next to you all day long. I donít have a lot of energy since I am working on healing and love to curl up in a chair most of the day. Even better, to curl up on a sofa with my foster dad and sleep and get pets. It is so nice.

I am complete housebroken and can move around just fine, including stairs, though, really, I would just like to stay in my chair. I am living with three other bulldogs and I like them just fine. I like it when my foster sister lays next to me and wiggle my naked little tail when I see my foster family.

I am looking for a family who will love my gentle sweetness, who has soft chairs and lots of pets.

Are you looking for some Sunshine in your life?

Love, Daphne Sunshine

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