Hereís a story of a lovely ladyÖÖ Thatís right I was singing it and I bet you continued too. My name is Marcia and yes itís Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. How can you not say my name and not smile. However Iím not part of the Brady Bunch but I am a CEBR dog looking for a new home.

Iím 10 years old but I act like Iím a puppy. I get all silly when I see you and canít get enough attention. I just want to be right in the middle of everything. I love being around people that my tail spins around like a plane propeller. Ready for takeoff! I had a good life with my elderly owner but she had to move away and couldnít take me with. She treated me like a queen and we were both very sad for me to leave. I have no complaints were Iím at now. I get a lot of attention and love from my foster family and everyone I meet. Iím pretty low maintenance when it comes to thingsÖ I just want love.

Still thinking about my age, arenít you? Well donít and keeping reading, my age doesnít do me justice. Like the Marcia Brady on the show, Iím beautiful in many ways. However I was told I need to gain a couple more pounds to fill in. No worries there, I sit on command for treats. I also give paw, Iím multi-talented. I have natural brownish/red coat of fur with some white. It glistens in the sun when Iím outside soaking it up.

How I love to be outside sitting there. Iím not a fan of walking outside but lying downÖ. pure enjoyment. How do I get my exercise, well I do walk when I follow you into every room. I just donít want to leave your side in case I miss something exciting. I do have trouble hearing and I need some dental work done but nobody can be perfect, right. Good thing I was never hit in the nose by a football.

My foster mom says Iím really smart, I pick up on everything quickly. I know our potty and bed time routines down pat. I love to sleep on anything fluffy so learning that was easy. Iím learning hand signals as a form of communicating with my foster family. I love looking at them and get all excited when they smile at me. Did I mention Iím fully house-trained, no accidents ever! I have no problem being left alone, I just snuggle up on my bed and go right to sleep.

I love being made beautiful, hair and makeup no problem by me. The more glamour time works for me!

I do have one behavioral problem I can get jealous once in a while when you show another dog a lot of attention. It doesnít happen all the time but canít a girl get jealous when she is use to be the queen bee. Yep, Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.

If I had to choose my ideal home, I think it would be someone who loves to snuggle and show me a lot of attention. I donít need a backyard so any size place will be fine as long as there is a fluffy bed with my name on it. I have no issues with all ages of people or how many. The more the merrier. Lots more love for me.
Another dog companion will be fine too, just as long as you show us the same attention.

NOTE FROM THE HUMANS Marcia's adoption fee is $200. Our adoption criteria for Marcia are as follows: CEBR Adoption Radius Only. NO EXCEPTIONS. Marcia would be happy with with other dogs or as a single dog

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