Hi everyone! Iím NicoleÖ whoops, wait, sorry I just fell of the couch! Iím a little clumsy, but I make up for it with my sweetness. Now, more about ME. I have lots of energy and would love an active home with lots of people and walks. I do pretty good on my walks, too-Iím very curious, but I really keep up the pace! I have two foster brothers, and I get along well with them and other dogs. Iím not really sure how to play with them yet but I donít mind being around them. What I really enjoy most, however, is attention from my people! I love tummy rubs and being petted for as long as youíre willing to stay with me. (I might whine or bark a little if you leaveÖ but now that Iím learning that is NOT the way to get attention, Iím getting better). I need someone who can commit to taking me to behavior classes. I sometimes, for instance, want to jump on people and give them a hug, but my foster parents are helping me find other, nicer ways to greet people. I really just need someone to work with me and teach me which behaviors are allowed and which arenít. Iíve met a few kids and have really enjoyed them! I donít mind if they pet me, and Iím lady like enough to know that I shouldnít ever mouth or ďmountĒ anyone! Oh-although Iím a little embarrassed to admit it- I still pee in the house once in awhile, but hey, Iím getting better. I'm still learning. All I need is someone willing to help me learn, because I really want to make my parents happy! In regards to my history, it hasn't been great. Iíve had a hard life and as you can see, really need to gain A LOT of weight!! I was found as a stray in rough shape. Good thing bullies like to eat! I had an ear and skin infection, which caused me to lose some fur, but Iím on the mend now and feel much better already. I canít wait to find my perfect home!

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