How do you do? My name is Maggie! Iím a four-year-old bully girl that couldnít be more excited for a brighter future. Unfortunately, I was a neglected girl. Thatís how I found my way to CEBR. When I came in to foster care, I was extremely malnourished and only weighed 32 pounds. Not only was I malnourished, but my eyes were in need of some serious attention as well. They were so gunked up from having dry eye that I could barely see where I was going. I felt weak and depressed. The good news is, both issues were easily remedied after coming in to CEBR. Needless to say, Iím more than ready to put 4 steps forward to a wonderful life that I so deserve. Donít worry, despite my past, Iím still as sweet as pie. I am now micro-chipped and up to date on my vaccines.

Now let me tell you a little bit about myself. Iím a very sweet, submissive little girl. When Iím being petted, Iíll literally melt to the ground so youíll know how much Iím enjoying every moment. Then comes the roll over technique, which is very smooth of course, to insinuate that I would be very pleased with a full body/belly massage. Now that I am comfortable with my foster parents, I thank them for such wonderful hospitality with a couple of conservative kisses. Nothing too sloppy, itís just not my style. My foster parents tell me how I have such an endearing look with my big, doe eyes and ears pinned back. Their favorite part is the way I sit. Hey, I just think its comfortable with my legs tight together and completely tucked under my buttocks. One second, be right back. Chew, chew, chew, yum, yum, yum, chew, chew, chew. Oh sorry. I got a little distracted by an antler chew. Man I love those things. Gotta get Ďem when you can. With my foster siblings, they are a hot commodity in this house.

Listen up, this stuff is important! Like most bullies I have a few things that will need your attention for our love match to be a success. First of all, I have that darn dry eye that I mentioned earlier. So what does that mean for youÖnot much really. Just some eye drops a couple of times a day to keep things looking good. Iím not a huge fan of eye drop time, but I donít fuss too much. Just make it quick, followed by a treat and Iíll forget what just happened. Odds are I will need these drops for life. So it will just become part of our routine. Iíve had a few potty training issues, but thatís only because Iíve been getting so much food from my foster parents to fatten me up. I know exactly where to go, I just need to get in to a good schedule for potty time. Oh, and I do snore quite loudly but donít you worry a bit. My foster parents are already used to it.

So what is my perfect home you ask? Well, someone that understands the importance of my eye care is #1. Itís great to be able to see clearly again and I donít want to go back to having blurred vision. I love being around people, so hopefully you can be home a good part of the day. If not, I would love a dog walker so I can get out and stretch my legs. I really enjoy walks. I donít need to be crated because Iím a good girl around the house. Other dogs, no problem. I get along great with my foster siblings.

With much love!!!
Miss Maggie

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