SHBD (single handsome bulldog) seeks loving forever partner. Must love giving treats, butt scratches, lazy walks, and um more treats. Sorry but cats need not apply.

Hi there forever partner! My name is Maxwell, Mack, or Big Mac and I am a stunning three year

old neutered English Bulldog who is insanely handsome and tips the scales at a little bit over 60 lbs... I think you can refer to me as “fluffy”. I came into CEBR’s care after being adopted and returned to a shelter... my previous family was a little overwhelmed with my care and bulldog behavior but now I am in the hands of the experts so I am not too worried!

Besides being insanely handsome (umm did I mention that before?) I know a few things too! I know sit, shake, lay down, and stay. I walk great on my leash (short walks because of the “fluffy” issue) and despite my size don’t obnoxiously beg for treats. I am potty trained doing all of my business outside! Although I would prefer to sleep with my foster mom and dad I do okay sleeping in my man cave... at first I would cry outside their door but I’ve stopped that now. Okay a few times my foster dad had to lay next to me while I fell asleep but I was just sad thinking about whether or not I would ever get my own forever family? I’d really like to have my own forever family... I’m a good boy I think I deserve one.

I do have a few quirks... give a guy a break I am a bulldog! I have allergies so I need a family committed to keeping up with my grain free diet and beauty routine. I need my wrinkles wiped daily as I am quite the smoosh faced dude. I also have this crazy cork screw tail with a deep pocket... it needs to be cleaned daily so I don’t get any more tail infections. I get a little stressed when my foster parents clean my folds and tail but I do let them... they know I am stressed because I lick the air. They always take it nice and slow so I don’t get too scared. I also need my bum wiped after I do my business outside, every time.

Right now my foster family includes four other bulldogs and two kids... I do well with everyone but the male bulldog. Foster mom says this isn’t my fault he just doesn’t like other males... so I steer clear. I do fine with my other three fur sisters and my two human sisters. I think I would like the company of another dog as long as they weren’t too aggressive, I get kinda scared when other dogs bark at me. My foster home had a BIG party the other day and there was 20+ bulldogs and I did great for the first couple of hours... I started to do a little courting after that (humping) and was put on bad boy lock down in the house. I’ve been a OK since then so I think I was just a little overwhelmed. I do like to sleep, a lot, so if you work during the day fine by me! I will need a potty break mid-day so there aren’t any accidents but you can tell who ever lets me out they can skip the walk. I’d hate to lose my boyish figure. Darn... foster mom just told me I still need to go on walks to get some of this weight off, she’s such a drill instructor. Yeesh.

P.S. About the cat thing... my foster home does include two cats but they live upstairs and don’t like to play with us bulldogs. I have seen cats on my walks and all I know is they look tasty and I really want to chase them... so for their safety I should be placed in a no cat home.

Maxwell's adoption fee is $575. Our adoption criteria for Maxwell will be posted soon CEBR Adoption Radius Only. NO EXCEPTIONS.
No cat household.
Other dogs o.k.

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