Greeting fans! Its been an exciting week if your name is Santo! I got inducted into the CEBR family and my name sake, the late, great, Chicago Cubs Ron Santo got inducted into the Hall of Fame! Things couldnt be better.

I was a family favorite in my home but unfortunately the grueling work schedule of my mom and dad had left me sitting in the basement for 12+ hours a day. Thankfully my parents decided it would be in my best interest if I got traded to a family who would make sure I had a lot of playtime!

I found that treats and food were a great way to pass the time when I was alone. Because of that, I have turned into a plus size male model. My foster mom took one look at me and she decided I needed to start spring training NOW in the middle of summer! I am on my weigh to a healthier me. When Im not taking my walk to the mailbox (Im pretty out of shape), I am playing with the boy and girl canines in my foster home. I love everyone but I take a special interest in the ladies, if you know what I mean. They dont like my smooth moves and the give me a Im not that kind of girl snarl. I back off but sometimes I just cant help myself! No means no and thats a word I respect but I still need to be reminded.

Kids? Love em. Want to jump on them and kiss them. For that reason, I should be around bigger kids. Remember, Im 68 pounds of love. I could sit on a little kid and SPLAT I smooshed someone! We dont want that.

The ideal team would be a family who has time for me. None of this work stuff. We can live on love! Ok, well maybe a little work but I do need to have someone around to love me. Other dogs would be great too. I am a bit of a baby and dont have much interest in being top dog.

Because I was left along for extended amounts of time, I would have occasional, no fault of my own, accidents. I have had no accidents in my foster home because I have a regular bathroom schedule. In my free time I love to sleep! My crate has an open door policy and I still choose it as my favorite place to snooze. I dont need a big yard, as the only thing athletic about me is my great name!

Go Cubs Go! And remember, Santo also used to play for the White Sox!
Play ball!


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