Hello fello Chicagoan's! My name is Wrigley, good ol' Wrigley because of my sweet baby blues! I came from down south where the shelter found me hanging around the streets of Kankakee. Don't you worry though, I wasn't out there for too long. I'm too good looking to get all greasy and grimy. The shelter knew instantly who to call to find me just the right home. I'm the most handsome blue eyed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, younger male rescue has seen yet (so I think). I'm really a fantastic boy. I don't have any behavioral or medical issues. I don't mind sharing toys, food, treats or attention. I love the company of animals and people. I am house trained and let you know when I need to use the mens room. I might get a little noisy when left in a cage but I do just fine with or without one. If I know you're ignoring me I'll bark to get your attention but hush as soon as you tell me to stop. I like to be a little mouthy when I play so just remind me to be gentle. I am 100% an active bully. I need to be on a leash or ZOOM, I'm running the bases! I would love a fenced yard for sure, but am also ok leash walking . I also love to pounce like a bunny rabbit when I get excited, it's pretty cute. I bring out the best in everyone, it's these good looks. I would like to go to a home where I can run and play and get all the exercise I need! I'd enjoy the company of others greatly. I currently have two foster brothers, one bulldog and one CAT! I do amazing with both of them, heck I'd do amazing with anyone because I'm just a social butterfly. If you have to work a lot of hours I'd like to go to daycare or even go to work with you. I forgot to tell you that belly rubs are my favorite thing in the entire world. I roll right on my back and bam, spread eagle baby, you better start rubbin'! Hopefully I sound like a perfect fit for you. I'd like to think I can adjust to any situation because I'm just a free spirit! XOXO, Wrigley!

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