Hi! My name is Gertie! Do you think I have the name of an older person? Well, then you are close: I am an older Bulldog…I’m almost 10! But I still have my girlish charms, and I have been told that everyone loves me. Unfortunately I outlived my ‘original person’ and find myself I need of someone new to lover…’cuz I have lots and lots of love to give.

I am generally in good health, just some of the problems that we all develop with time: some arthritis in my joints. The nice people at CEBR have had me at the vet, who got me on the proper medications (I do prefer a little peanut butter on my pills, if you don’t mind), and now I am feeling ever so much better: my arthritis is hardly bothering me at all now. Yeah! I am up to date with my shots and heartworm medication, and I came to CEBR already micro-chipped!

I am very good about letting the humans know when it is time for them to do their duty and escort me outside, so I can do MY duty. I am very good regarding my potty-training when on the first floor of the house, but sometimes when I am upstairs my bladder gets a little ‘leaky’…weird, right? I don’t quite understand myself regarding why there is a difference between the two floors, but there it is.

I am a well-mannered lady in regards to the “people furniture”, and I do not jump on them. I prefer the comfort of my padded wicker basket, or even a nice cool section of the wood floor.

I have also been told that I am well trained. I walk well on a leash (well, at least I do when I am not investigating a new smell…but when I am, I can be a little stubborn and not want to move until my investigation is complete). Once I get to know you, I am happy to obey when you tell me ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘paw’, and etc.

One thing that you should know is that, with all of these recent changes, I seem to have lost my trust in other dogs. Right now I prefer to be the only dog around…maybe this will change as I feel more comfortable.

I think my perfect forever home is one where my people will have time for me and where things are calm ... no very young humans climbing on me, please. And while I like a short walk, I do not need nor want long walks: I have been known to lie down on the ground and be quite stubborn about moving if a walk gets out-of-hand-long. Hey! I’m 10!

As to the house itself, now that my arthritis is under control I am not much too bothered by stairs, but lesser is better.

Well, that’s enough for now. Do you know how hard it is to write with paws and no thumbs? Hard. Besides, the sun is shining through the window, and that means that there is a long nap in my immediate future.

Hope to meet you soon!!!


Adoption rules for Gertie:

1) Older children, please.
2) Someone who understand how stubborn I can be!
3) A family committed to keeping me healthy. My arthritis is now under control following a couple of weeks of taking medications, but you must commit to properly medicate me and handle any other ailments that come my way....all minor bulldog stuff though!

Please go to this page at Chicago English Bulldog Rescue Website:


To find out more about their adoption process.

Please tell them you found them on English Bulldog News

Thank you

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