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Bandit is male stray (estimated to be about 5 years old) found in Libertyville. He is a real sweetie pie; very gentle and looking for a forever home. After a dental cleaning and taking care of ear and urinary tract infections, he is doing very well. Bandit loves other dogs, children and going on walks. He rolls over to get his tummy scratched a lot and when you stop, he gently lifts one paw and rubs your leg to say “hey, you are not done”. Bandit loves the car and travels very well. He’s also a big fan of a cuddly dog bed and blankets. He does not mind the vet and is not nervous when going or being there. Bandit loves to cuddle on the couch and is happy to be a lap dog anytime you are willing. He is honing his potty skills and is making great progress since getting neutered. The name “Bandit” fits him like a glove. Occasionally, if his foster mom’s Tupperware drawer is open, he will quietly pick up a small bowl without her knowing and walk around the house with it, or secretly find a couch pillow and without a sound, it will end up in his bed. He is a character and would bring fun and joy to anyone.


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