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I am already spayed, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, and good with dogs.
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adoptaBull english bulldog rescue only adopts within our Midwestern radius. Our radius includes Chicago and suburbs, most of Northern Illinois, SW Wisconsin, and NW Indiana. If you fall within our adoption radius and are interested in adopting, please apply on our website: Adoptabull English Bulldog Rescue - Dog Adoption, Dog Rescue, Dog Adoption Chicago Thank you!
____________________________________I was brought in to adoptaBull in full labor. After loosing several pups, my owners couldn't afford to pay for my c-section. They surrendered me to the ER Vet who called adoptaBull! Only three of my pups made it... and after some tender love and care they were all healthy and happy. They have all moved on to their forever homes, and now my foster mom (Fommy) says it is my turn.
I'm about 3 years old. I like other dogs....but I require a SLOW intro and supervision.(I prefer males or females my size or smaller). My new bestie is a Dauhund mix and everyone calls us double trouble. We run and play and play and play! Then we take a long nap. Then we wake up and run and play some more! I am very high energy and sometimes push my limits with other dogs, with my in your face, I'm here, play with me, attitude. I'm super affectionate and love belly rubs and Kisses!
Fommy says I am busy,busy, busy! and I need a playmate or job. Guess thats why she thinks i should go to training. I am food and affection motivated and have shown no real intrest in toys of any kind. She says I am smart and eager to please. Again I am food and attention motivated ... and they are using both to teach me easy, down, and leave it... a tummy rub works almost as well as a treat for me. I had great fun today with an ice cube...I enjoyed putting it on the ground and pushing it around with my nose. Fommy said I was making a mess... but I was just helping.... I cleaned part of the floor for her! Your Welcome!
I only weigh 42 pounds. I do bark at strange new noises and need some reassurance that things are okay. I am vocal also when I get excited like when Fommy is making my dinner, I watch closely and let out a single playful bark just to remind her I am waiting.
I love humans of every size but I think for now children over 10 would be best for my forever home. I still have some puppy mouthy behaviors and Fommy says I need to learn to refocus behaviors on a toy or chew bone. After training I should be able to play more appropriately.
I crave attention and can not wait to find my forever home. I know I will make you happy and you will never be alone with me by your side. Love and Kisses, Izzy


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