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Thread: Healthier/DIY Treat Ideas?

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    Default Re: Healthier/DIY Treat Ideas?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vikinggirl View Post
    You already got excellent advice from other members, and you are in the midst of wanting to change Brynns food so the only thing I can add is your idea of waiting to give her new or extra treats is a good idea, I would concentrate on finding a good food for her, and then transitioning her slowly from the old food to the new food. Which brand of food are you feeding her now, and how much? A lot of Bulldogs are sensitive or allergic to chicken, which could be causing the soft stools, or sometimes feeding too much, can also cause softy or loose stools and frequent stools as well. We feed our guys Fromms Beef Frittata, and we give them 1 cup twice a day, once in the am and once in the pm. Once she is on the new food, you may not see a difference for up to a month, as it can take that long for the old food to,leave her system. Once she is on the new food and you see that she is tolerating it, you can start to add the extra treats, and when I started these, I introduced one treat at a time, that way you can tell which one she tolerates, and which one gives her a reaction, or changes her stools. Good luck Hun in finding a good food, it's just trial and error, and a whole lot of patience, but when you finally find the right food it's great. I made the mistake of trying a new flavour after they had been on the Beef for 10 months, I thought they would like a change in flavour, but Blossom is allergic to chicken and salmon, so when I tried the Fromms Duck and Turkey, she had a bad reaction. She was very pink, warm red ears, and as licking her paws, I gave her a Benadryl, and switched back to the Fromms Beef, and now they're doing great again. I won't be trying any other flavours as they both do well on the Beef, and Blossom tolerates it well.
    I have decided to hold off on treats for the time being. I know for people, like myself, a whole bunch of new things at the same time would make me sick and for bullies being sensitive to that - we are introducing new food first. Then after that settles down we will begin with the treats. I don't want to shock her and change everything. But currently she is eating Purina One Smartblend: Healthy Weight Management. Let me just add: this food smells absolutely GROSS and her previous owners had said they added water to it - just enough to cover all kibble once but not make it soupy. I question the water as she has no problems swallowing anything else, and thought to myself that if I were her - I wouldn't eat it. After seeing how lethargic she is, and her stools I did some investigating around here and many people stated food means everything. Then I read the articles about food to realize I am feeding her a 1 star food - basically CRAP. So today off I went to a local pet food warehouse where they actually tried to get me to buy Royal Canin: Bulldog. I was completely against that as just because it states it's 'specifically made for bulldogs - doesn't mean it's any better than the crap she is eating now.' So I bought a small bag of Fromms Beef Frittata. Brynn eats 1 1/2 cups of her Purina once in the AM once in the PM. She has a glucosamine tablet every AM with breakfast as well. This is what her previous owners did, so I just assumed keep doing it. Tonight I introduced her Fromms' - which might I add even smells better than the Purina - and did 75% old 25% new and will continue this for the next 2 1/2 - 3 days then do 50 - 50% and so forth until we work up to only Fromm's. I did not add water to the food tonight - she did perfectly fine with it, and actually after supper decided to knock her basket of toys over and grab a stuffed lion and do laps around the house while shaking her head with it in her mouth - which I have never seen her do either, but sure is funny to see those little legs move so quick! She acted like she liked the new food so far and we had no puking or redness, itching, diarrhea or anything yet so hopefully this does work for her. I read though that with Fromms you don't need to feed as much so I may only need to do 1 cup. Then introduce new treats as we progress with the diet changes.

    Isn't it funny how hard it is to change our diets, but so easy to change theirs for them? Lol.

    Whoever said diamonds were a girl's best friend has never owned a bulldog <3

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    Default Re: Healthier/DIY Treat Ideas?

    Everything your currently doing sounds great. We feed our guys the Fromms Beef Frittata, and they get 1 cup in the am, and 1 cup in the pm. They were getting 1 cup three times a day when they were puppies, but we reduced the feedings to 1 cup twice a day when they were 7 months old. They currently weigh 45 lbs each at 18 months old. Stools are great, firm but soft, and they go 2 to 3 times a day. I do add warm water to their kibble, because I did it when they were puppies, and I continue to do it because they don't seem to drink a lot of water during the day, they will drink water when we are outside, and I give them on our walks, or when we come back from a walk, they go right for their water dish, but when in the house they don't drink too much water, so I add it to the kibble, just to ensure they are getting enough water and hydration, plus my male Bulldozer has a severe underbite and his upper and lower teeth don't meet together, so he eats a little slower than his sister, who is a Hoover and inhales her food. Lol. The water makes his food a little easier for him to eat, and they both seem to like the water, they lick their bowls clean every time.
    To determine if you should reduce Brynn's food to 1 cup twice a day from the current 1 and 1/2 cups, just watch her stools, and the frequency of them as well. The stools should be firm, but not hard, and soft but not mushy, and she should be going about twice a day or three. If she's going more than that, and the stools are like soft serve or mushy, then reduce her food. Also keep an eye on her weight, to see if she's gaining too quickly, or maintaining her weight.

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