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Thread: Home Cooking with 6 week old Puppy?

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    Default Home Cooking with 6 week old Puppy?

    I have always home cooked for my bulldogs but did not start my last girl until she was 2 yrs old. My first bully I started at 12 weeks as soon as he came home because he could not keep processed food down due to illness. We are getting 6 week old pup Sat. Anyone have experience starting that early? I contacted the holistic vet and got all of my supplements I need and advice on where to begin. Just wanted any other advice that is out there. They said it would be easier to transition her as soon as I got her rather than waiting.

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    A six week old puppy is likely still being transitioned from a mush to a soaked kibble. I am curious as to why this puppy is leaving mom and littermates at such a young age? Many states require puppies to be at least 8 weeks old before being sold.

    I also home cook as well as give kibble. Trust me when I say a six week old puppy has a very immature digestive system, so I personally would not alter their diet at this age.

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    Default Re: Home Cooking with 6 week old Puppy?

    At such a young age, I would advise against home cooking for a little while. There are entirely too many nutritional needs that have to be met for proper bone growth and muscle development, you would need to stick to some very strict dietary guidelines. 3 or 4 months old is fine, but I wouldn't risk it at 6 weeks.

    I sincerely hope that calcium was on the list given to you by your vet.

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