2/11/15: Please welcome Nina! Nina was rescued from a metro Atlanta shelter shortly after she was surrendered by her uncaring owners/ irresponsible backyard breeders. Nina has been horribly neglected during these first 12 months of her life. She has a spinal abnormality and is unable to walk. By all appearances, she was left to sit in her excrement for long periods of time and now has scald injury, infection, and skin breakdown over her legs, belly and vulva.
She may also have mange and most definitely has fleas. Despite all this, she is bright eyed, happy and loves attention. Nina is at GVS preparing for a Neurology consult and MRI in the morning.
We are told she is one year old. We do not know if she likes dogs, cats or children. She was pretty vocal at the vets office when another dog walked into the clinic but we shall see. Updates to come.
Update 2/12/15: Sweet Nina has had a neurologic and orthopedic exam this afternoon, including an MRI. The results: Spina Bifida. Nina will never walk and will be incontinent of urine and stool for the rest of her life. Besides her injuries, one of which is to the bone, and Spina Bifida, she is a healthy little girl. She is happy, bright and curious. On the bright side, she cannot feel the massive wounds on her legs, abdomen and vulva.
We are treating her wounds and will be getting her used to wearing a diaper. We will begin a raw diet for bowel training and have already been investigating our wheelchair options.
GEBR has never taken in an SB baby before and are learning as quickly as we can. Fortunately there are SB owners out there ready and willing to help. Cheryl Ovenshire, thank you for your guidance so far.
Update 2/23/15: Nina is loving life! We are currently treating her for hook worms and mange. She is still getting used to all this attention, the diapers, being held, being loved, etc but each day she is a little more trusting. Her favorite thing is to be held in your arms. She does not mind her current foster siblings at all anymore. She will be moving into her official foster home with Cheryl later this week. Cheryl has experience with SB dogs and we know she can teach Nina how to live with her disability. Over the next few weeks she will be learning how to use her cart. We can not wait to see her fly around town in her wheels!
Update 3/5/15: Nina is loving her temporary wheels and is ready for her custom cart from Eddie’s Wheels! We are talking with them now and should have her custom cart soon.
Update 4/21/15: Nina is mange free and ready for spay surgery. She will be spayed on Thursday. Once she recovers from spay she will be ready for adoption.
Update 5/11/15: Sweet silly Nina, she has amazed us all and shown us that she knows no disability, she is happy healthy and oh so playful! She has a very easy routine to keep her happy and healthy! We all love her to pieces and want her to go to the best home ever…someone who will be diligent in her care, diet and continue to help her expand her horizons! She would love most of all a fun playful male playmate!
Update 7/9/15: Nina loves to run, roll, wrestle and play with shoes! She loves her two foster brothers but is not a fan of her foster sister.
Nina has her own Facebook page. [replacer_a]
approximate age: 2
approximate weight: 25
likes dogs: she hates all dogs when she first sees them, but she has a few male friends that she loved to play with now that she has gotten to know them
likes cats: no
likes children: yes
food: Blue Ridge Beef (raw diet)
life long medications: joint supplements, vitamins


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