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7/19/15: Please welcome Leon! Leon is only 7 weeks old born on 5/27/15. Leon is a breeder surrender from NC. Leons breeder was going to euthanize him due to his incontinence issues.
Leon is currently having some incontinence issue of his bowel movements where he is requiring stimulation. Leons anus is also open and not closed. Leon is dribbling urine and has a rash on his stomach due to continuance of inability to control his urine. We have noticed that Leon has some stimulation of his bladder being full because he will stop to relieve himself.
Leon also is in need of some physical therapy of his rear legs. He is walking & standing very flat. This may be due to being kept in very limited living quarters at the breeders facility. Just Leon running around and playing freely should help correct this over the next few weeks. He will receive additional nutritional support to encourage the correct arch of his rear feet.
Update 7/21/15: Leon was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital today. Leon was diagnosed to have Spina Bifida due to his incontinence issue with his bowels and urine. The vet believes that Leon has a mild case of is Spina Bifida because of his mobility & he appears to have some sensation. Leon will require to be fed a RAW diet to help train his bowel movements. Leon will also require to wear diapers.
Update 8/3/15: Leon has been converted from kibble to raw successfully. He only has two small bowel movements a day. But he has no continence of his bowels or urine. He has been fitted for diapers and diaper covers so he is adjusted to wearing a diaper and having his diaper changed. He will need to be placed in a home where he can have his diaper changed every few hours.
His rear feet have corrected with the better diet and physical therapy and he is fully mobile. His rash has completely healed. He is ready for adoption. but will need to be neutered at six months of age.


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