8/6/15: Please welcome Georgette! Georgette’s owners dropped her off at the shelter because they no longer wanted to care for her. She is now safe with GEBR!
She will be spending two weeks in shelter quarantine at our vet before moving into her foster home (with a few dogs and a 9 year old child). She will also be spayed and get all of her vaccinations.
She is 2 1/2 years old. We have not seen her around dogs, cats or children at this time.
Update 8/22/15: Georgette got a little too excited today when she heard she was moving into her foster home and she pooped her spay stitches. Dr. Ross stapled her up and put her on antibiotics. She will need to spend another 10 days at the clinic on crate rest.
Update 9/1/15: Georgette moved into her foster home today. She is living with one adult, one 16 year old girl, one 9 year old boy and four foster brothers ranging in age from 4-10. She wants to play with all of her foster brothers! They are still getting used to the idea of a young little lady in the house! Her foster family discovered she can go up steps but is afraid to come back down them.
While at the vet clinic we noticed she leaks a little urine. It is hard to tell if she leaks a little when she is excited or if she leaks a little all of the time, because she is often excited! Her foster family will keep an eye on this. We have started her on a medication to help eliminate the issue. If needed she will be evaluated by a specialist.
Update 9/10/15: Georgette spent the day with neurologist Dr. Johnson today. She had blood work, x-rays, an ultrasound and an MRI. It has been confirmed that she has spina bifida. She does have complete mobility but has no control of her urine or bowl movements. She leaks urine constantly and she does not know when she is having a bowel movement. She will need to be in a diaper most of the day but should probably be diaper free at night and for some time during the day. She will be eating a raw diet to help control the amount of times she has a bowel movement a day. She is young and playful! She can go up steps but she can not/will not go down them. We are no sure if this is because of fear or inability or lack of experience. She has no problem letting you carry her down them! We are looking for a home that has someone available to change her diaper every few hours. No bully wants to sit a wet diaper all the time!

approximate age: 2 1/2
approximate weight: 53 pounds
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: no
likes children: the youngest we have seen her around was a 9 year old
food: raw diet – she is currently eating Blue Ridge Beef
life long medications: none


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