Dotty was found as a stray. The family that found her took her to the vet for a heartworm test and had her scanned for a microchip. Unfortunately she did not have a chip but she was heartworm negative.

She appears to be a breeder dog. She has extremely saggy nipples and a c-section scar. She had a tail pocket infection when she was found but it has cleared up. She has an extreme cork screw tail that will require daily cleaning to avoid any further infection. We discovered last night that she is in heat.

We believe the family that found her would have kept her but she wasn’t getting along with all of the dogs in the house. She does not mind the small dogs but wanted to hump and dominate the larger dogs. She also wanted to chase the cat. This was causing fights and ultimately Dotty had to be kept separate from the other dogs.

She is with us now in a foster home with no other animal. She will go to the vet next week for a check up, shots and spay.

Dotty is three years old. We do not know if she likes children. She will only be placed in a home with small dogs and no cats. She will be available for adoption after she recovers from spay surgery.

Update 4/11/13: Dotty went to see Dr Ross today with plans to get spayed but she has a bad ear infection. We will treat with antibiotics and steroids for now and plan to spay her once the infection has cleared up.

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