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Thread: Dewey~~Available English Bulldog for Adoption in Georgia

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    Default Dewey~~Available English Bulldog for Adoption in Georgia

    Dewey is a four year old male that was surrendered to us.

    Dewey was purchased as a puppy from a breeder in Europe by his original owner. Once he got to the US he ended up spending most of the time in a crate because his owner had five children and didn’t have time for him. Over that year a half he became a toy hoarder! Toys were all he had in his life to keep him company. When his original owner decided he needed to go she called her mother and told her she was going to drop him off at the pound!

    Fortunately for Dewey she stepped up and took him into her home. He was been with her and her two other dogs (a lapso and a collie) for the past two and a half years. Now it is time for her to move into assisted living and she can not take Dewey with her.

    Aside from a few occasional spats with the lapso he gets along fine with other dogs. When Dewey would get too close the lapso he would attack Dewey and jump on his face. We are told Dewey was never the instigator and he would often back down. Neither of the other dogs dare to play with toys, it was understood by all that those were Dewey’s toys and no one else’s! If one of the other dogs happen to be playing with one of his toys while he wasn’t looking they would immediately put it down when they saw him coming.

    Dewey was also friends with a kitten! He was grown up around children.

    He was not happy when we went to the house to pick him up; he is not used to strangers coming into his home. He barked and growled for a while but after 30 minutes or so he completely calmed down. By the end of the visit he allowed us to sit near his crate and play with his toys. He is a sweet boy but very confused about all the changes and new faces.

    Dewey was up to date on his shots when we got him. He is currently being treated for an eye ulcer and tail pocket infection. He takes daily medication for environmental allergies. He has dry eye in both eyes and will require drops of the rest of his life. He may have to have knee surgery; we will have that evaluated at a later time. He was just neutered on Monday.

    He will not be available for adoption until after we have his knee evaluated.

    Update: Dewey saw Dr. for a recheck on his tail pocket infection. Unfortinely he got worse not better. We are treating with a different antibiotic now and are hoping for better results. If it does not improve then we will need to move forward with tail amputation.

    If you are interested in adoption from Georgia English Bulldog Rescue, please fill out their adoption application and read about their adoption process:

    Thank you for considering adoption for your family fur-mate

    To view more bulldogs available from GEBR, please click the link below:

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News
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    Default Re: Dewey~~Available English Bulldog for Adoption in Georgia

    Dewey is still available for adoption!
    Everyone wants to kiss a bullie

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