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Thread: hard decision i gotta make... advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cowsmom View Post
    well i cant add much as both points of view have merrit as to whether you should or should not do it. i do lean toward doing it but only if you have help. it seems that you need another focus in your life and this could be it. i say how do you feel? you say you have health issues. so to me it would depend on how YOU feel. Can you do this without wearing yourself out to much? Will you be to wore down for other things. If not then i say go for it as becky said it seems you want to do it anyway.
    I have bipolar type 1. Usually its very well taken care of but since july its been really rough. My brother decided to hang himself and me and another person tried getting him down and we slipped and rehung him and killed him.... my family disowned me over this as they blame me for his death. so ive been struggling to keep my head a float with all the crap thrown at me and have been in a downward spiral of highs and lows since it happenned. Thats my health issues please dont judge i know a lot of people see bipolar as crazy mean maniacs lol. im far from that which im sure my husband is happy about Even without "trauma" i know its possible for my med levels to go up and down which could cause issues too so im really glad that it worked out the way it did with me assisting someone else.

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    Default Re: hard decision i gotta make... advice?

    Glad to hear someone stepped up... I'll keep you and your family on my prayer list!

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