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Thread: Wanted to share my day yesterday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy-licious! View Post
    I struggled with hill starts for a while but practice makes perfect. Try finding what we call the bite on your clutch. Its that point when you are releasing clutch and pressing the accelorator together...the nose of the car dips when you have the bite and this is the point where if you hold it the car sits still. Thats how my instructor taught me on a very quiet hill, he just had me sat till my legs ached keeping the car sat in one place, then from there slowly squeeze down the accelorator and let up the clutch and Bobs your Uncle your off up the hill....either that or you stalled like I did for the best part of an hour. :roflI hated learning to drive and didnt drive for 8 years after I passed my test, not until Chris said he wasnt taking me to the shops no more..I could go myself It took me 3 cars and another 6 years to decide drivings OK and now in my Mini I will drive anywhere because I know my car can handle anything
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    I learned the same as @Libra926 and @Telly03. Dad wanted to be sure I could handle anything ... and to this day he's so glad he did because I still have the best driving record in the house!!! Every vehicle I've had was standard/manual except for my two SUVs ... I prefer it ANY DAY over automatic. So much more control. I also like @Lucy-licious!'s suggestion of finding the "bite" in your clutch. That's key to having control.

    Once you have this under your belt, you'll feel great. My fav is when I get in my car in my stilettos and get comments like, "You are gonna drive stick in THOSE?!" Hell yeah buddy. And better than you any day. I can take my little sporty car ... or a 70s old Ford pickup in the mud. I'm a little bit of a motor head deep inside, too.
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