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Ohhh the Big Horn!!! That's AWESOME. The 3600RE is my FAVORITE floorplan by far!!! I used to sell RVs ... and I'm not at ALL a camper but I always said that if I did camp, it would be in a fifth wheel. I even like them better than most of the top of the line motorhomes.
It's pretty sweet if I do say so myself. All the comforts of home it is. Can't really say we 'camp' though, lol. We were looking at the dual bathroom entry but oh man that made the bedroom so claustrophobic to me. The floorplan is AWESOME.

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So sorry to hear about the truck mishap, yikes!

But it looks like you guys had a fun time. I love that first picture of Wilson!
Thanks Lauren! I got on the ground and just pointed my camera at him when he was chewing on some branches from some aspens we just cut down last weekend. I love face shoots for some reason.