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Poll: This or That: Nature or Nurture?

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Thread: This or That: Nature or Nurture?

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    Default This or That: Nature or Nurture?

    The life long debate. What determines what we are?
    Are we born this way? are our characteristics somehow inbred and unchangeable?
    OR Is it how we are brought up and our lifetime experiences that influences our personality?
    OR Is it a mixture of both forces?

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    Default Re: This or That: Nature or Nurture?

    I have read many theories and listened to both sides of this debate prior to and during my nursing degree studies. My conclusion is that both are resplonsible.
    I believe that whilst basic personality traits are there at the beginning of our lives, liftime experiences mold these traits and help to make us the people we are.

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    Default Re: This or That: Nature or Nurture?

    Yes both. We are born with our personalities but how we are raised can change how they are formed. I guess that is a ditto on what @Lucy-licious! said. haha

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    Default Re: This or That: Nature or Nurture?

    You gotta pick up the book, The Boys From Brazil by Ira Levin! They made a movie about it too starring Lawrence Olivier but the book is so much better.

    It's a great illustration of nature and nurture both contributing to make Adolf Hitler.

    I got Bullied and loving it!
    Bella "Bullie" Rose, adopted on July 24, 2011

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    Default Re: This or That: Nature or Nurture?

    @anatess. That looks interesting! I may pick it up.

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    Default Re: This or That: Nature or Nurture?

    I guess there will not be much discussion on this topic since everyone voted for both. While there is a very strong argument on either side, there is not ENOUGH of one side or the other. It seems to indicate that while there MIGHT be a predisposition based on nature, we have the ability to modify and change the course of events and the outcomes. In my M/S OP program we had to do a paper oin this topic. More evidence seems to indicate that we are a result of BOTH.
    So here's the question: "Am I crazy becuase I was born that way or because I choose to be that way?"
    Oh, ....disclamer; just about English Bulldogs.
    Good day~

    "Opinions are FREE, Suggestions are TRUSTED, Advice is RESPECTED" bwl @2013

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