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    Default bargain shopping...

    Just thought I would share cuz I have found this site that has crazy deals everyday. You can get rest discounts and shopping discounts etc... Anyhow have used it a couple times already and thought why not let you all enjoy the deals too. haha Here are a few of my favs.... You have to check everyday for the deals Thsi one emails you the deals which is nice. which also has other woot sites once you go there. This one you have to check everyday too but has some crazy deals.

    Anyone else have great discount sites?

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    Yes! I love woot!!! - has a different deal every couple of hours or when they run out of whatever they are selling. Mostly skateboard/snowboard/punk kind of stuff. Def good deals! - similar idea to woot and whiskey. Mostly athletic type stuff.

    I knew a few others but haven't been on them lately and don't remember them. Whiskey is my fav.
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