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Thread: Donating Plasma

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    @laurendoodler are you in a step program where you start out working as a CNA while studying to become a LPN then work as a LPN while studying to become a RN? That is a great program. One of my daughters went through those steps in becomming a RN. She always had a job, and got lots of real nursing experience while getting her training.
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    @Alice Kable that sounds like a good program, but that's not what I'm in! In order to get into the nursing program at the school I want to go to, you have to already have your CNA license, so that's why I'm doing it.

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    A CNA is the equivalent to a HCA (health care assistant) here in the UK. I tell you they sure make our jobs a lot easier, the support they give us is second to none. They are our eyes and ears at times when we are busy in emergency situations or with the other beurocratic bul*%#€ that Nurses here are having to deal with at the moment.
    It is a very rewarding vocation and as that will eventually lead you into a nursing career then I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed and send you heaps of good vibes across the ocean xxx
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