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Thread: What is your astrological sign?? My husband thinks that he discovered something :-)

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    Default Re: What is your astrological sign?? My husband thinks that he discovered something :-)

    @speechmom53 I think Taurus has it right Chris will look at something..say yes that needs doing but it can wait and wont kill me or my familly if it doesnt get done I'll sit here and read my book.
    absolutely infuriating I know but He does get to it with a little push, maybe not as quickly as I might like but he does get there in the end.

    Maybe you should stop with the running and sit down with them both and chill for a while, If you dont do it they might instead

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    Default Re: What is your astrological sign?? My husband thinks that he discovered something :-)

    Yeah, I'm pretty much the same way as well, as much as I hate to admit it. To be honest, I'm not overly motivated to do much of anythig until I get a little angry, then I'll fly through chores. But, if I grow tired of being lazy, more often then you'd think, I'll get a spark to get something done with my hands. This is why we now have a set of stairs going up to the back door of the house, two beautifully maintained gardens in the front and a home computer network that would make any nerd proud. Not to mention my car... lol. Point is, I'm lazier than sin, but the trick is to find what motivates me and use it against myself. This is why I have always loved Bulldogs. I understand them, we're on the same level, and I can see a lot of myself in them. Biggie is a great fit for my home because the two of us are like peas in a pod and pretty much have the same mood as one another all the time. He's also a great fit because he exemplifies a lot of things that the lovely lady has somehow been convinced to love about my traits that may be attributed to the zodiac.

    Quote Originally Posted by speechmom53 View Post husband is very easy going, but both my husband and daughter are very....ummmm......unmotivated, for lack of better words. The funny thing is he is her stepfather, and they are so much a like. Their birthdays are exactly a week apart too. My husband's was this past Tuesday and my daughter's is this coming Tuesday. On the other hand I am very motivated and have the Type A personality. It drives me nuts because I am constantly running around, working 2 jobs, trying to keep up on the house and taking care of Tubs and the two of them are watching TV, reading a book, or something I would enjoy doing, but just don't have the time. They just don't seem to care about what HAS to get done! That is where the comes in. Are you like this too???? My daughter started the Bulldog thing, but as described above....I have taken over!

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    Default Re: What is your astrological sign?? My husband thinks that he discovered something :-)

    @Lucy-licious! I have tried that...sitting and seeing what happens. Everyone just thinks there isn't anything to do and will still sit there. I have to either get mad or write lists for everyone. But they way I look at it, by the time I finish shelling out chores on a list I could have done it myself! UGGGG husband and daughter both have motivators too, but nothing that gets them to help around the house. My husband....can you guess......SPORTS. He will actually be flipping between channels and have the computer on a sports sight at the same time! My daughter has many more motivators (books, crafts music, games, the list can go on and on). She will find something else to do to get out of helping out!

    My favorite song is "I need a vacation! YouTube - BT... We Need A Vacation
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    I am also someone who has a hard time just relaxing. My favorite quote:

    "time spent doing nothing is wasted time" or something like that!

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