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Thread: Going to be out of commision for a while

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    Default Re: Going to be out of commision for a while

    Consider an Apple product. Ya don't need antivirus software with them because viruses just aren't written for them. They are easy to learn too. Lari loves her iPad and I like my iMac. Their laptops are super cool too. Have a great time... I know ya will lol

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    Default Re: Going to be out of commision for a while

    oh no @KMARINO I will miss you and Vegas but look forward to hearing about your trip and computer buying antics on your return to the fold
    I too would suggest Apple products my Ipad is ace I it

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    Quit downloading smut and you won't get viruses. Lol! Just joking, this stinks! I finally get things settled and come back and now you go away! @BruceP is right about macs, they are awesome. Hubby has one and it never acts up and is 5 years old. I have a 5 year old Dell and it takes 18 minutes to start up and it freezes all the time.

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