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Thread: Boy are you guys at EBN in trouble !

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    Default Re: Boy are you guys at EBN in trouble !

    [QUOTE=Texas Carol;640159]
    Quote Originally Posted by Ftse 100 View Post
    I always used to get what you been on EBN all day again but I really don't seem to find much time anymore to get on much ��

    I know, Julie, and you are missed on here ;(

    Think of you all the time & hope you can pop in here
    a bit more. Maybe not stay all day?!! Love you!

    Thank you Carol
    I,m trying to get on every day even if its just an hour but that hour goes so quick when your enjoying what your doing. and love you too

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    Default Re: Boy are you guys at EBN in trouble !

    Quote Originally Posted by Texas Carol View Post
    I believe it's because this Site is blessed of God and has His favor.
    There are many, many reasons for that, starting with Lisa & Chip's
    vision for EBN.

    I was led here BEFORE my life fell apart, after...I know WHY. I'd never
    joined a group before (deeply distrustful of Internet) but had adopted
    my 1st Bully (and lost him 7 months later in dental surgery). Never
    imagined my friends here would grab my slipping hand, haul me up from
    the pit of hell and continue to be there for me when all my 'old' friends
    & even my own 'real' family had long gone on without me (had lost Hubby
    unexpectedly, 2 months before losing Brutus).

    All those bulldog groups I could have joined, so many to chose from!

    Thank You, Jesus!
    You are so right! People, and I'm learning bullies come into your life for a reason. I had always wanted to get a bulldog but put it off for years and years. (Wanted to own my own house first and it was very difficult to find a local not scam breeder). My grandfather died almost two years ago and he loved dogs. I was going to buy his house but due to some unforeseen family drama and greed it didn't work out and I was devastated. It felt like I was losing the last little piece of my grandfather all over again. Then one night I was thinking about him and I had this dream-I know this might sound nuts to some-but I had this dream that I was playing with this adorable English bulldog puppy and I woke up thinking that somehow that was my grandfather sending me a message that it was time to get the dog. That day I woke up and my dad told me about someone he knew whose daughter had recently got an English bulldog and they gave my dad the breeder info. I went on the website and they had a few puppies and their pictures and I swear to god one of them looked just the puppy in my dream, that was Murray and he came to live with me a week later he was a blessing and finding this site and getting to know you all more was another blessing and I feel very grateful to have you all in my life

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