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So sweet! That is very thoughtful! I love your moms dress in those pictures, what a beautiful blue!
Isn't it though?! She was going to wear this very plain black dress and "dress it up". I was like "NO FRIGGIN' WAY! YOU'RE THE MOTHER OF THE BRIDE!" ... I made her keep shopping and so glad I did, she looked absolutely stunning! I'm very lucky to have such good genes. My Gramma (Mom's Mom) is 80 and looks easily 20 years younger ... and her mom is 102!!! My step-daughter makes us 5 generations.

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Oh those pics are sweet, what a thoughtful gift! My parents are 80 and 79, and they're so cute. The other day at church, I looked over and they were holding hands.
OMG I just love that. It's so wonderful to see couples in love after so many years with all the divorce out there!