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Thread: Bark Box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by g8erjackie View Post
    I don't do those boxes because the toys aren't very bully friend - aka can be ripped apart in 5 seconds flat -- and the treats contain grains. My Ruckus is a heavy chewer though, so maybe you'd have different luck.
    so far, so good with the Bark Box. The toys are actually pretty durable but Tate is mainly the one who plays with them b/c Finn is only interested in his football and pretty much, nothing else toy-wise. Tate is not a super hard chewer so this has helped with the longevity of the toys. Some of the snacks are grain-free, some are not so it's a mixed bag but everything, with the exception of the beef trachea, has been very good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali baker View Post
    I just like the concept of getting a "surprise" box every month. I guess more for me than my bulldogs though! But true, you cannot control what they put into the box and some items wouldn't be appropriate for all our bullies. I wish there was a way to have a more "customized' box sent. I did read that most of the toys are from US or Canada, treats are from US and they try to get the best ingredients, organic, etc...
    If it's for you, my mom and my sister get something called a "glossy box." Every month they get a bunch of beauty products. Not sure how much it is but they LOVE it! I love surprises too!

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