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Thread: My Crafts

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    Default Re: My Crafts

    Also it's important for key words to show up 3 times on your page for SEO, a tip I learned a while back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeannieCO View Post
    Beautiful beautiful items. I'm on Etsy and it's great. But it's a full time job just learning the ways of SEO and being found. I've been focusing just about all my time this year on exactly that; marketing myself. You'd do very well there. Jewelry is a tough sell from what I hear because there's so much of it. I absolutely love your work.

    Oh I make dog beds, pads, stuffy toys and my new Flying Floppy Dog Disc (the indoor frisbee). My shop name is Comfy Pet Pads. I also have a website.

    Jack's a cutie too!
    Thank you.

    I did check your site and the stuff that you sell. Those are neat stuff! Might order 1 from you.

    Yes, SEO is very important. Keyword, keyword and more keywords. I actually create, and host websites. Here is one that I created for my craft supply store,, but have not updated them as I mostly sell my stuff on eBay and on Amazon. My last client decided to host and maintain their website starting this month (co'z I'm quiet expensive to maintain hehe) so they are no longer on my server. But I designed and hosted them for 1 1/2 years.

    Another site I built just for fun, This site was supposed to be a food log. Each time we eat or snack, we would post it on the website and the members will see what we eat. We monitor each other's food intake and anytime we "cheat" we would pay a certain amount of $$ ranging from $2 to $5 depending on the food. It was really fun until they stopped doing it and I was the only one doing it lol. Well I lost 21 lbs just by doing it.

    Anyway, I'm on the wrong topic now HAHAHA

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