I had a pit once. She was a year old when I got her. Basically, I was young and didn't know she was a pit and let someone pawn her off on me. She loved me and the kids. She didn't like men until she got to know them. My daughter was about 5 and our Sheba was her protector. She let loose dogs in the yard as long as they didn't bark at my daughter. If they did, she wouldn't let them back. She guarded her all the times. She tried to bite a neighbor girl twice, one time nipping her throat. I thought it was am accident but watched her more closely. Then my son had a friend come over. The two boys were together and she tried to attack the boy. It was vicious. She went for his throat and we could barely keep her off him. It scared me to death. I had to make the decision to put her down as she only attacked children. I couldn't live with that or pawn her off on so someone else. I've always said she was the best dog I've ever had to MY family. Sadly, she was not ok with strangers.