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Thread: My parents were adopted

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    Default Re: My parents were adopted

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisRN View Post
    What a good girl! I bet she couldn't understand why the little one hurt her!
    She could not, Chris, she never moved and as I reached her she was just
    completely still and staring at the kitten with such a hurt look on her face.
    I made Brianna leave and held Cami and loved on her, it hurt so much to
    see her so affected (it brings tears to my eyes even now). She really shook
    hard for about 5 minutes, I waited until she stopped then accessed damage.
    So thankful it was superficial, very, very lucky! Disinfected the bite & put Neo-
    sporin on it. So very proud of Cami, I would have at least growled! Cami makes
    me want to be just like her <3

    My 1st bully, Brutus
    RIP beloved boy.

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    Default Re: My parents were adopted

    I love cats and we have two, Stinker and Kitten. Cats are so underrated. They are spunky little things. Kitten and Ruthie are best friends! Your dad will take special care of that sweet little kitty. I'm glad he found a good loving home to pop into!

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