Burke is home with his new mommy!!!!!!

All the transporters wanted to take him home!!! Everyone was SOO great I been crying all day long. These are some of the emails from the transporters and I have some pics!!
Well burke sure is a playfull and cuddly dude! Alex (the foster) was awesome and brought him to my house this morning. I handed him over to lois in west palm and they were back on the road about 9:10 on their way to meet maggie. You are all in for a treat with this big lug today! I would love to hear how the rest of his day went and of course when he is safe at home with his new mama!
Thanks everyone!

IOh my gosh, I can't get over how friggin cute Burke is. Almost as cute as the "poopie boys". He looks so much like my Alby. And this was just one of the best transports. He has surely got his own fan club now. What an adventure on his way to a great new forever home. My grandson Tyler rode as co pilot and he kept saying, we should keep Burke and trade him for my Hannah the Horrible. Burke ate his cookies, was really serious about looking out the front window in the middle of the seat as if he were driving. Sat close to me and put his paw on my arm. He just loves lots of loving. It is those cookies they will do it every time. When I handed Burke over to Kelly, who is a first time transporter, she just could not get over this big boy and she was taking him back to her work place till time to meet Barbara in Jax. I am sure Burke was a big hit. If Barbara had not failed foster this past summer, I am sure she would have wanted to keep Burke for herself to.

Alex, Burke's foster had him so clean and sweet smelling and Burke knew exactly where to sit when his quilt was put in place.

What a sweet, sweet dog this big boy is. I hope his new mom keeps us updated on him, and just falls in love him the way we all have.

This was one of my best transports ever.

Thank you Ladies, you are the best!.

picked him up from Flavia around 2 this afternoon. We had a ball on the ride back to Jacksonville. I had a frappachino in the cup holder, he kept licking the straw so I gave in and let him have the rest of it... I know, bad person! He slept part of the way, and he snores, really loudly! We made it back to my office and hung out there until he was picked up just a few minutes ago. He was an awesome dog, a big mush, and anyone would be lucky to have him. Apparently there was a little mis-communication in the transport; Barbara was expecting to take him to exit 2 in Georgia from I-95, but Brook was expecting exit 2 off of I-75. Barbara made arrangements to get him there via her friend Kendra, so all is well. Barbara, I wish you could have met him... he would melt your heart. Bye Burkie, glad I got to meet you! The pleasure was all mine, and I hope you love your new home!!!


Just spoke with Kendra; she is about 10 minutes away from the hand-off. She wanted me to tell you all he was a perfect little man on the ride to Georgia and snoozed most of the way. We both agreed that he was just about the coolest dog ever, and we both would totally adopt him if given the chance. What a little loverboy!! ;-)