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Thread: Vegas is one Po'd bully!

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    Default Vegas is one Po'd bully!

    Of all things, we have lived here two years along with Vegas..tonight he come out of his crate/nap and immediately looks up at the ceiling fan that has been here the WHOLE time he has and starts being OCD and looking at it and barking. So what do I do??

    I take him outside and flush his ears with the vet ear cleaning solution, helped to keep him from focusing on the same fan for over two years, but Dam* he is mad at me right now!! If looks could kill!! If only he knew it was for his own good! but he is pouting and won't come to me or even look at me right now...Aaahhh...I get a break!!!!

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    Default Re: Vegas is one Po'd bully!

    Well, maybe the fan hasn't been on the whole two years, or maybe there has been no reason for Vegas to look at the ceiling the last two years, or help me out here Vegas, maybe the fan's motor is going out so it makes a funny noise only dogs can hear!

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    Default Re: Vegas is one Po'd bully!

    Well...guess he doesn't realize how lucky he is that you cleaned his ears and NOT something at the rear rend of his body!!....

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