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Thread: First time growling and snapping

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    So today I gave Bubba (7 months) and Bonnie (4 months) their Kong filled with peanut butter. I walked away for a few minutes and next thing I hear alot of growling and snapping. I ran over to their play area and realize Bubba is being really protective over his Kong, Bonnie was really confused and Bubba was just snarling at her. So I came over there and stopped it, immediately Bubba backed away and went back to being normal. I sure don't want this behavior with him, what is the best way for me to nip this in the bud?
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    You did good at stopping it right then, just have to be consistent, if he keeps it up take the Kong away from him for awhile, to show him you are the boss of it.
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    should i let them both still be free when i give them their treat, i don't need any aggression in the future especially if i have a kid

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    I suggest that since you know Bubba is being aggressive when he has a treat, you should supervise them the next few times you give them a treat. We use a squirt bottle filled with water with the nozzle set for distance and if one of our furkids get out of line, we say "NO insert dog's name"! while giving the offender a few squirts of water. This works very well for us and doesn't require you getting in the way of a possible dog fight. We prefer a "hands-off" type of training and you can discipline from across the room! Good luck!

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    sounds like a plan! thank you

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