This thread seems to have wandered off to other tangents. There are some very good posts as well.

As previously stated..."this is my opinion";

For disclaimer, I am a breeder and I show.

The bulldog is the oldest recognized breed of a dog dating back more than 500 years. If you look at any of the old original sketches (no photos that old!) and compare to what they look like today you can see a big difference. Even with natural selection the look will change over time. Its called evolution. Along the line of time, it is said that the pug blood lines were mixed with the bulldog which resulted in the shorter tail.

The current AKC and Bulldog club of America have a current standard by which the Bulldog is compared. If someone is interested in owning a purebred, AKC bulldog, it will have to fit into the current breed standard. And as had been previously posted, the range of weight and size does vary even from 2 AKC registered bulldogs. Again that is what natural evolution does. A bulldog can make a great pet to any family. If the bulldog is not planned to be shown or bred then the weight and size does not matter.

So it only matters about the weight and size to be shown and bred. If you are not planning on being a breeder or show, then LOVE what you got.

If you DO plan on breeding or showing, then it does matter. If you bulldog does not fit the standards, don't breed or show.

Now, regarding the "mini", again this is altering the breed. Look at what has happened to some of the "pocket dogs/ purse dogs". Did you know that the poodle originally was the size of a BIG dog such as a great dane? They were genetically bred smaller to have various other sizes; toy and minature. Those who are starting to intentionally breed for minature bulldogs are creating more problems. Bulldogs alredy have a list of health issues that can be expanded by altering.

Being a breeder is more than just making puppies. To be an honest breeder is being honest to the bred standard, a steward to protect and improve the health.

Decide what you want first in a dog. Why do you want a bulldog? Sadly there are far too many rescue bulldogs that are in need of a good home. Please consider adoption first if all you want is a bulldog family pet.