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Thread: Is getting a second female a bad idea?

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    Red face Is getting a second female a bad idea?

    Hello! We are considering getting a second bully. Currently we have Maggie, a 20 month old English Bulldog who is a bundle of energy and love. We originally considered getting a second female since we love the size and temperament, however we have read conflicting reports on if having two females is a good idea.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? We are open to a male and female but would love some pros and cons to that as well.

    Note: Both animals will be spayed/neutered regardless of the gender.


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    Well..I will give you the advice our vet gave us and our REAL life experiences! Many years ago..we had a very strong willed female Dobie..about 12 years old and full of ummm..let's say life! my hubby brought home a full grown female Rottie from the streets of Los Angeles..within 10 minutes of meeting each other..the dobie our horror..layed flat on her back..the rottie! We were horrified because we had NEVER had a reaction like this. Obviously we were very lucky the rottie was so submissive. Our vet..upon meeting the rottie..gave us quite the lecture about 2 females and how how lives would be miserable and how dangerous it was for the dogs! We had.. had numerous pairings of female dogs over the years and honestly..we were much more afraid of 2 males together. We had no choice but to make it work and we proceeded with extreme caution. We NEVER had another problem between the two of them and I just think the dobie let her know..she was the boss. We had that same female rottie when we brought our female rescue sharpei/rottie mix home from the pound. NO problems at fact, they were great friends. So..I just depends and proceed with caution. Ours were all spayed too. Good Luck!!

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    Really depends on how much of a pack leader the humans are in the house. My female bullie (Banks) is as dominate as can be, beyond any I;ve seen prior.. my male (Nitschke) is very laid back and submissive so, we've had some issue because we were not consistent with her corrections. We had a trainer come in since we want to eventually get another bully, but were told due to her 'attitude' we could only bring in a puppy cause it would be all she'll accept in the house. my point is, you play a role as does the age of the dogs coming in and already there. If you know a dog trainer have them give you some advice based on your current dog and go from there. BTW... my boy is smaller than my girl.

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