We are going to be changing the format of how we do the photo of the month contest.

There are two reasons for the changes.

Right now, each month's contest takes too long to complete. If you enter a photo on June 1st, you will not know if you have won the contest until August 1st. This is a two month waiting period.

We are changing the time frame format as follows:

  • 1st day to 20th day of each month photo entries are excepted.
  • Poll will open for the chosen finalists. This poll will only be available to active community members or subscribers around the 22nd to the last day of each month.
  • Winner will be announced the 1st day of the following month.
We want to also make it so that the photo contest not a popularity contest, and feel that only active members of English Bulldog News should be allowed to vote. We get a lot of members who register just to vote, but never post and never come back. This is not fair to the participants.

We are going to have the staff and sponsors of each contest along with 2 unbiased parties select their 5 favorite photos from the entries. The photos chosen will be posted as a poll on our new "4 Paw Members" board. The top 3 photos will be sent to the sponsor to chose the winner of the contest.

To be a 4 Paw Member you will need to reach 100 posts on our forums. Do not spam to reach this number please.

You can also subscribe to become a 4 Paw Member. Subscription fees will be solely added to pay for site costs, maintenance, additional photo of the month contest prizes, and donations to rescue organizations.

Subscriptions are not refundable, so make sure you choose the only amount of time you will need before reaching the 100 post mark. Once you reach that, your 4 Paw Member status will be free. When your subscription expires, it will automatically renew. So make sure you cancel your subscription once you reach the 100 post mark.

There are several benefits to becoming a 4 Paw Member so click the link to find out more! subscribe

Of course, regular membership is absolutely FREE and do not feel as though you must be a 4 Paw member to fit in! We welcome everyone and do not want this to make anyone feel as though they "don't belong", because you're a Bully lover, you DO! We just wanted to reward our more active members with some added features and give the option to those who love the site (but maybe not big on posting) the option for the same features as well.

NOTE: Because of this new format, the contest for August will end on August 10th rather than the 1st of September, since it was already way past the 20th of July before we decided to make the change. Next months contests/entries will start on the 1st as usual.

We will also be offering more than one contest per month to enter as long as it remains a popular part of the site.

Hope this all makes sense! If you have any questions, post them here.