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Thread: My Two Fifty Pound Idiots

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    Default My Two Fifty Pound Idiots

    So, I need a bit of help. For the second time in less than a week, I am sporting minor injuries from keeping one or both of my bulldogs from getting ahold of my 15 year old kitty. Now mind you, she's not too bright that she doesn't stay out of their way, but I'm the one sporting a sprained elbow. We've had the cats for 10 & 12 years, we've had the dogs for two. We limit the dogs to a couple of rooms while the cats have the run of the house. The cats don't come in the dogs areas unless they're crated and then it's usually only to quickly run through. The run ins have happened while taking the dogs to the potty and they catch the cat unaware (tonight she was napping on my daughter who also was nearly in the middle of it. Has anyone successfully tamed a grown dog to the idea of cats. If so, can you give me some suggestions? It was just the Grace of God that I had the angle to catch both dogs around their meat heads tonight and Friday I fell trying to pull lily away from her. All my weight on one knee, not fun Ideas? Techniques? Help? Thanks, Priscilla Momma to rockhead #1 & rockhead #2

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    We always had cats and dogs when we were growing up and basically they all got on together, sleeping together etc. We were just really firm (loud yells) if the dogs showed any signs of possibly harming the cats. Some of the cats used to tease the dogs (boxers) by ambushing them etc, but it was all just having fun. I remember a visitor being appalled at seeing our little burmese all slobbery from the boxers, but what he didn't see was that the naughty cat was always the one instigating the trouble.

    It would have been better I think if you could have started the cats and dogs being together from when the dogs were little, but in your shoes now, I think I would be trying to get it into the dogs and cats heads that you are all family. At the moment the cats and dogs do not interact and the running through the dogs rooms is more like a prey action than anything). For instance I might sit on a beanbag with the old cat say reading a book and stroke the cat, and also stroke the dog. It might be best to do one dog at a time so that they don't egg each other on. If the dog wants to sniff the cat I would certainly let him - and show the cat that she is quite safe (and not let the dog annoy her). In the unlikely event that the dog wants to do anything to the cat while with you, I would be really firm with the dog (loud yell no).

    You need to take your time with the introductions etc, in part because dogs and cats have a different language (tail wagging cat is unhappy, tail wagging dog usually happy, tail up cat might be a warning, tail up dog just expresses confidence etc).

    You need in my opinion to spend the time to change the dog's mindset, which i think is quite doable if you try.

    Best of luck!

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    Default Re: My Two Fifty Pound Idiots

    Yikes! I have no suggestions because this is such a delicate scenario when you got adult dogs getting used to adult cats. But, I just wanted to relate my experience with our cat.

    So, when I married my husband, he came with 2 dobermans. I had a cat. Needless to say the 2 dogs exhibited the same behavior as your dogs. We expected this, though - that we would have to spend our first weeks of married life managing the pets. So, we did the introduction - hi cat, these are the dogs, hi dogs, this is the cat, cats are friends, not food, etc. etc. - it went alright.

    But then, when we let them alone, the dogs would chase the cat! But, the cat would jump onto the dining table, sit on the edge - the dobies were as tall as the table - and so the dobies would bark and bark at the cat, the cat would just sit there on the edge looking at them. Then when one dog's nose gets too close to the cat, the cat would make a vicious swipe! My husband just let it happen! Eventually, the dogs got bleeding scratches down their noses and they quit fooling with the cat. My husband took the dogs to the vet and the dogs never chased the cat again.

    My husband says - the dogs stub-tails are wagging like crazy - this means the dogs weren't after the cat as prey, they just thought the cat made a nice chew-toy. So, as it seems like the cat can take care of himself, he allowed the cat to let the dogs know he doesn't like to play.

    But, no, this is highly NOT RECOMMENDED. I've been telling my husband about not taking these kinds of chances and he's just like the bulldog - very stubborn.

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    Default Re: My Two Fifty Pound Idiots

    I have no cats myself but I agree with @hoegaandit. I think that keeping the cats with freedom and the pups locked to a portion of the house is only teaching them to not like the cats more cuz they see them all over the place. Wish I could help more but teaching them to be in the same room is your best bet I think.

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