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Thread: Do dogs understand what death is?

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    Default Re: Do dogs understand what death is?

    Quote Originally Posted by hoegaandit View Post
    I feel very sorry for Ace. When the time comes and you have more than one dog, let's remember to let the other dogs sniff the body of the dog that's passed away, so that they know what has happened.
    Thanks, he's ok now but it was so painful watching him greive. He'd just stare at Orion's bed or just stand outside waiting for his brother, so sad. Very very important if at all possible to let them smell them after they passed. It's the animal way of knowing......
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    Default Re: Do dogs understand what death is?

    I didn't read all the posts yet so if I repeat I'm sorry. I believe they understand it. My beagle mix was 12 when my lab died and up until his death my beagle acted like a puppy through and through, extremely active, great appetite, etc. He was extremely distraught for months after the death, even after we got our bully which now he is just plain annoyed I suppose. He has also dramatically aged in the nearly two years since my lab passed.
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    Default Re: Do dogs understand what death is?

    OMG, I am crying over this. I so believe they sense death and these stories are such tearjerkers. I have a good friend who actually told me that when they have to have a dog put down (they rescue Goldens) they take the others along to allow them to sniff and know what is going on. Now I read all of these stories. It does make sense.

    We have a spirit in our house. When we first moved in all kinds of things happened. One thing in particular is Sophie barking the same time every night and running to the top of the stairs. It has been 10 years now and she doesn't do it as often, but the other night Bella did it. She ran to the top of the stair and barked. I felt maybe she needs to go out, so I walked downstairs and encouraged her to come down, as soon as she hit the ground level she ran to the front all closet and barked. I have to pick her up to get her to stop......That must be where the spirit lives

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