I keep reading how many bullies have a dominant streak & need a firm owner to keep them in check.

My husband took Penny to the vet today & he said that she was being dominant (wouldn't let him look in her ears). We were also told this the first week of puppy class (the trainer said she was being dominant over a toy, causing the other puppy in the class to be toy aggressive). We had to withdrawal from puppy class because of her eye surgery, but we are planning to re-enroll next week.


We practice NILIF with Penny, but I KNOW we need to increase our consistency.

The vet told me husband to pin her until she submits. My husband said that the vet did it to her & she squealed like a pig, but did settle after a little struggle and he was able to do what she needed. He told my husband we were in the "terrible two's" and we needed to nip it now or she will always rule the roost.

Everything I have learned out dog training is positive reinforcement.

What direction do we need to go with this? We want her to fit into our family nicely...my goal is for her to have "manners."