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Thread: Urethra problems with my bully

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    Default Urethra problems with my bully

    I noticed a week or so ago that my EB had a little red ball looking thing on the tip of his weiner. I asked the vet about it and she told me his Urethra had slipped out from inside his weiner, and this was fairly common for bulldog breeds. As weird as it seems, they have me applying KY Jelly to it in hopes it will slide back in?? Does anyone have any experience dealing with this issue. Please let me know.. They said this could lead to surgery if it doesn't respond to any other treatment options. Thanks!!

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    Default Re: Urethra problems with my bully

    Winston had this and it took three surgeries to get it under control. His Uretha came out pretty bad so we attempted to secure it back in place with a stich. The stich broke so we had to attemp to secure it again with four stiches. The idea is that when you put in place, eventual the uretha will reattach to the penile wall. Well the stiches broke and eventually we had to go with the more seer surgery, where they cut off the access and reattach the uthretha to the edge of the hole. This finally kept and we have not had any more problems. Thankfully our vet was very considerate and only charged us for the anethsia since she felt responsible for the first failed attempt. The major drawback to the finaly surgery is that there is a lot of bleeding and the risk is that the hole to the penis can close up during healing so you have to watch his stream of pea to make sure he is going and not stopped up.

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