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Thread: For show!

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    Default Re: For show!

    Moe came from a line of show dogs... that's what his breeder was into, and I guess that helps sell pups. Moe would never be a good show dog though, his curly tail stands up instead of laying down, but I actually feel lucky in that it makes tushy cleaning easy. He has other issues as well, but that is all part of being Moe, and I wouldn't trade him for any show dog. @VuBulldogs did you buy her with expectations of her being a show dog? If so, it would be a risky investment at that age, but best of luck... she sure is adorable.

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    Default Re: For show!

    Yeah.....I want her to be a show dog and her blood gives her a good chance I assume. If not, its all good!

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    Default Re: For show!

    Your baby is so, so cute! And I am partial because I LOVE white bullies - I've had two myself!

    She actually reminds me of my Linus when he was little...which was 77 pounds ago!

    I have been approached by a bunch of people asking if I have neutered Linus because his looks, health, and temperament are so good but he was basically given to me (for the cost of shipping from IL) because his polka dots on his ears and he has a small scar on his back from when he was delivered C section. Also there was something wrong with the way his ears developed that the breeder didn't like or wasn't standard.

    Anyway, my impression is that it is almost impossible to tell at such a tender age whether or not they will be show dogs because so many traits have yet to be determined. I got Linus a little older (4.5 months) because he was at the point the breeder knew he was not show quality.

    Although he is momma's best in show

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